Register a new study (practice portal)

This is the practice portal.

You want to register a new study for testing by the ETCL. It is therefore necessary to be familiar with the ETCL regulations (containing the ETCL definitions of terms such as 'study'). You can save yourself and the committee members a great deal of time by making sure you are properly informed.

In order to properly assess a study with respect to informed consent, burden and risks to participants, and data-management procedures the ETCL needs a detailed description of the study. After a few introductory questions you are required to state among other things who will participate, and what kind(s) of research the study includes: observational research, intervention research and/or task-based research. For each type of research you are then required to state what form it takes in your study. You will then be asked to estimate the burden and risks for the participants, and to upload all forms for informed consent adapted to your study.

If you work with different participant groups undergoing different research trajectories (one group, for example, is given two tasks, the other three) you will need to describe each separately in the manner mentioned above.

Depending on the complexity of your research the specification may take considerable time. However, you can always interrupt the registration, save it, and finish it later. Your description will only be visible to the ETCL and, if approved, to your colleagues within the UiL OTS. The participants will not see anything you specify here.

When filling in the forms please avoid using abbreviations the ETCL might not be familiar with. If you have questions, first consult the regulations, and if necessary contact the ETCL secretary (René Kager,